Maya, Zbrush, Videogames, Character, Modeling, Texturing

Penthesilea is a personal project, created over the spring and summer of 2013. She is based on a design I initially developed while working on “Warriors: Legends of Troy”, at Tecmo-Koei Canada, in 2009, inspired by the mythological greek subject matter of that game. A version of her battle axe, also designed by me, appears in that game.

My goal at the outset was to remain under 10k tris, if possible. In the end, I slightly exceeded that target – her body consists of 10,097 tris. Her axe is 964 tris. She utilizes three sets of maps – one for her body, one for her head and one for her axe.

Software used:
Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop, UVLayout, Xnormal, CrazyBump